Masala Black

This is the substitute for masala milk tea for those who want to drink chiya (chai in Hindi) without milk but still want to enjoy the flavor and warmth of those spices in tea famous in Indian region and in Nepal.

classical black tea is blended with 7 different spices that is normally used to make masala milk tea or chiya in Nepal (chai in India). Whereas CTC black tea is used in masala milk tea, we made used specialty black tealeaves to blend with spices which gives you totally satisfying and warming cup of tea rich in color spicy in flavor and loaded with health benefits. 



classical black tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove, Black Pepper, Bay Leaf, and Star Anis.



  • Best without any aditive. Dont use milk or sugar to enjoy the real taste and aroma. 

Masala Black

Order SIze
  • Tea Quantity

    • 3 grams (0.11 oz) for a single serving (8 fl oz cup or Gaiwan)
    • 5 grams (0.18 oz) for pot serving (16 fl oz pot)


    Water Temperature

    • 194F - 203F (90C-95C)


    Steeping Time

    • 3 minutes



    • Increase the steeping time for multiple infusions. 
    • Brew on 4 fl oz water for 3 minutes to serve iced.
    • Spices will be washed away in first brew so multiple infusion will have lighter in spices flavor.




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