Classical black tea with handground dried ginger (Sutho) blended together and aged for couple of months. Ginger from this tea gives strength to your cup to boost your immune system against cold, flue and also warm you up. Can be good companion during the cold time.  



classical black tea, handground dried ginger



  • Best without any aditive. 
  • Adding honey can be exceptional.

Ginger Black

Packing Option
Tea Quantity
  • Tea Quantity

    • 3 grams (0.11 oz) for single serving (8 fl oz cup or Gaiwan)
    • 5 grams (0.18 oz) for pot serving (16 fl oz pot)


    Water Temperature

    • 194F - 203F (90C-95C)


    Steeping Time

    • 3 minutes



    • Increase steeping time for multiple infusions. 
    • Brew on 4 fl oz water for 3 minutes to serve iced.
    • Ginger will be washed away in first brew so multiple infusion will have lighter in taste of ginger.




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