Brewing tea is as easy as taking a sip!

It is hard to say the best way of brewing tea because its all about your personal preference. As you know, steeping teabags are more convenient whereas one can be more creative and personal while brewing loose tea. Preparing loose tea is a pleasure in itself.

Beginners can end up with a bitter brew

Are you an amateur in brewing loose tea leaves? Now, the first thing one must consider is the portion of tea leaves to be brewed. While scooping, we use less tea leaves if it is bulkier and more when it is slighter. We also under-estimate the importance of brewing time and water temperature. If you end up with a bitter brew, don't worry! you are a beginner brewer. Now you are on a path to mastership!

Here are some tips below to avoid a bitter-brew:

  • Keep in mind 3 to 5 grams of tea leaves can brew 8 to 16 fl ozs of tea.

  • Higher temperature and longer brewing time cause your tea to become bitter.

  • Do not over-brew your tea leaves.

  • Do not use too much tea leaves.

  • Make sure you have the required water temperature to brew your tea leaves.

Basic guideline

Different kind of tea needs different temperature of water to awaken the flavor and aroma. Follow the guildeline on the chart below.

Ingredients you need

  1. A selection of a tea of your choice

  2. water

Tools you need

  1. Kettle (or any other pot or device used to boil water)

  2. Tea Pot (use cup, mug, beer-mug, as an alternate)

  3. Tea Strainer (use fork to hold leaves while pouring over cup as an alternate)

  4. A cup


  1. Heat water to required temperature. If you can not control boiling temperature in your kettle or do not have a frothing thermometer to check water temperature, boil the water and let it cool for a while using your judgement.

  2. Scoop tea leaves into a pot.

  3. Pour hot water over tea leaves.

  4. Cover the pot and brew tea leves for required time.

  5. Strain tea into your cup

  6. Now, take a sip!


  1. Use freshly drawn cold water, spring water, filtered water in the kettle. Avoid re-boiling water because it might affect the flavor and aroma in the brew.

  2. Warming up your tea pot and cup enhance taste.

  3. Used tea leaves from Teafresho can be brewed 2 to 4 times depending upon the type of tea.

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