2% of Sells to Tea Farmers

Teafresho announce 2% of its sell to share with tea farmers directly as an additional value for the leaves of tea plant (camellia sinensis) they sell to the factory or tea producers. It is to encourage and value their intensive work on field.

Quality life for tea farmers and encouragement for their work is very important and necessary as many of them are always looking to switch to other work or go overseas for job. These days many small tea farm are being abandoned because of lack of workers. It sign that the farmers what they are earning from the tea farming is not enough and it can be serious issue for NepalTea future.

Tea consumption of tea is increasing day by day. There is huge difference between the price consumer pay and the farmers get for their green leaves. Teafresho is trying to bridge between consumer and farmers with fair price and assuring its quality and freshness from the source.

We will work closely with farmers and will keep our eyes on them if they are in good and comfort zone. As company will strengthen its position on global tea market, we will come up programs to uplift the quality of life for Nepali Tea Farmers.





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