Masala Milk Tea Vs Masala Black Tea

Chiya (चिया) in Nepali, chai (चाए) in Hindi means tea which is widely consumed either it is normal meetup with friends, important meetings, gatherings or occasion. The very first thing you will ask whenever you visit someone's home is a warm offer for tea. Or usually you will just get a cup of tea without any formalities.

In India and Nepal people consumed sugary and milky tea which is brewed using tea grains called CTC. Many people brew same tea without milk as well and they call it black tea. Many squeeze slice of lemon in it and call it lemon tea. The taste of tea vary in different houses. The mostly consuming tea in India and Nepal is with milk.

Milk tea in India and Nepal is not similar like in western or British market. People prefer tea from CTC brewed by cooking in milk or in water. It is common practice to use one or more spices like ginger, cardamom, black pepper, bay leaf in milk or black tea. CTC is a process of making black tea in which tea leaves are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with serrated blades that crush, tear and curl the tea into small pellets. These even in size and looks like small brown nuggets has generic tasting and produces strong, dark liquor with distinctly astringent flavor profile. It properly accommodates the addition of condiments like tea, lemon and spices.

At Teafresho, we have blended different spices to make a masala milk tea (spiced tea). It is one of our most-selling tea with its unique taste. The blend of spices give mild, warm and aromatic flavor to tea and we recommend it to brew it as practice in India and Nepal. The milk or mixture of milk and water first boiled properly. Then put required (2 teaspoon for 2 cups of tea) ready-to-brew masala milk tea on it and cook it for 1 more minutes. Sugar can be added to sweeten it. while brewing it only with water, the resultant cup of tea will be stronger and darker.

Orthodox tea refers to loose-leaf tea that is produced using traditional methods, focused on preserving the singular virtues of the leaf. Every batch of plucked leaves is treated to a precise amount of withering, rolling, and oxidization and they are of a delicate nature. Orthodox tea are highly prized in the world tea market because of their flavor complexity, tea quality and delicate processing.

Masala black tea at Teafresho is a spice blended tea with loose-leaf black tea. The tea liquor is milder and smoother so it will not accommodate the addition of condiments. It is brewed as similar like black tea. Pour boiling-temperature of water over 3 grams of masala black tea and infuse it for 2 minutes. Now, you have body-warming and flavorful cup of tea to enjoy.

Masala milk tea is good to enjoy sweet and milky flavor. However, it is not that much popular for health benefits. Spices used in it may help you boost your immune system and digestion. It also helps to reduce muscle pain. The spices warm you up and help recover from cold and flue.

As a good alternate soy or almond milk can be used to brew a healthy cup of masala milk tea, good for vegans. Spices are premixed and natural, no artificial flavor added in our masala milk tea blend.

Regular tea driker knows loose-leaf tea (orthodox) offers the most authentic tea experience. Teafresho's masala black tea is prepared with a proper blend of mixed spices and loose-leaf black tea. Its is mild, aromatic, and body-warming cup of tea you will experience. Tea and spices together boost your overall health while drinking this spice blended tea regular.

It is hard to compare which tea is good? It depends on one's taste. But for sure masala black tea offers more authentic tea experiences as well as more health beneficial.

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