An approach to promote Nepal tea

Started in 2015, Teafresho is an approach to promote Nepal tea in global market. The company is focused to sell the specialty teas in global market strengthening small tea farmers and producers from Nepal.

All teas at Teafresho are fresh and loose leaves. As many researches claimed that tea bags either a pyramid shaped nylon or paper tea bags, both are toxic and stress leaf from opening up to brew it in fullest. Also Teas inside bags can never beat the teas that are brewed openly either in your tea pot, mug, glass or gaiwan. One can understand the difference while sipping it.

Teafresho dont do tea bagging and discourage the uses of plastic take-away cup, tea infuser and fruit, aroma and flavor blending with tea. Though big western market is now all about blended tea, tea in bags - Teafresho is aiming to make an identity and establishing itself in market as a place to learn and experience the real way of drinking tea.

We are taking it as a big challenge as the Teafresho team itself is already very new in tea business and in learning process, we are confident enough to development and demonstrate a new way of tea in our daily life. We are committed to make as simple as possible and make it easier to everybody to get a healthy, fresh and real cup of tea everyday.

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